Here are some more book recommendations, courtesy of my lovely 11 year old niece, “Anastasia”:

Twelve Kinds Of Ice by Ellen Eryan Obed, illustrations by Barbara McClintock

Summary: Twelve kinds of ice demonstrates the beautiful stages of ice in the wintertime, and how amazing ice just is. Enjoyable and understandable, this book is surely a keeper for everyone!

Age recommendation: Every person of all ages can enjoy this book!

Rating: Three out of five stars for sure!

Favourites: I love how detailed the descriptions are, and how beautiful they are as well.

Least favourites: If this book could be a little longer, it would be even greater.


Safari created by Dan Kainen, written by Carol Kaufmann

Summary: Cool pictures, cool descriptions, and cool facts, Safari is certainly a book to read! {This is a “photicular” book – each image is like a 3D movie on the page, as the animals in the photos move before your eyes!}

Age recommendation: Safari’s descriptions of animals are for middle grades, but the pictures are definitely for everyone!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Favourites: I loved the pictures the most, I flipped them over and over for hours!

Least favourites: None at all, it was great!


The Wrap-Up List, by Steven Arntson

The Wrap-Up List

Summary: A girl gets a letter from a “Death”, saying that she has a week to live. Determined to find out her Death’s weakness, she searches through her neighbourhood to find a way to stay on earth.

Age recommendation: 12 to 16

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Favourites: I love the touching moments, and the connections I make with the character.

Least favourites: Maybe a little longer, even more detailed!

2 comments on “Anastasia’s Picks: More Books For Tweens and Teens”

  1. One of the books I remember reading as a "tween", and one that I think ignited my passion for reading, and getting lost in a story was called The Doll (I think)! I borrowed it from the school library, many times. It was about a little girl who got sick with a fever and stayed with her grandmother. Her grandmother gave her a doll that had belonged to her grandmother's mother. The girl had delirious dreams about her ancestors and their experiences as they were growing up. I remember a very frightening forest fire. I think someone's name as Morag or Maggie.
    I have looked for this book a number of times on Chapters and Google, but alas, have had no luck (though I do hope my daughter brings it home from the library one day).
    Perhaps you are familiar with it? Just another suggestion for tween girls IF you happen to come across this book!

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