Skinny Cow is now appealing to snackers with a line of delicious “Heavenly Crisp” bars as well as “Dreamy Clusters”…and the adjectives are not an exaggeration.

At 120 calories or less per pre-portioned snack, I feel no guilt whatsoever keeping these in my desk drawer for when I need a recess pick-me-up. (Though the days I do it at all three recesses, I do feel a teeny bit guilty!)

When my package of samples first arrived, I was afraid the snacks were going to be too small to be satisfying (they aren’t as large as traditional chocolate bars) but they really do hit the spot and ease that chocolate craving.

Sold as single-serve bars (starting at $1.09) and multipacks (starting at $3.79) bar flavours include Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate (my favourite) and Hazelnut.

The Dreamy Clusters (they look a bit like little Turtles chocolates, but don’t have nuts) are sold in multipacks (starting at $3.79) and are great when you like something piece-y to snack on.

The best part of reviewing these products was that every time one of my girls tried to snatch one I could say “Oh, sorry….Mommy has to eat those. It’s for the blog, you understand.”

I don’t think anyone should have to deprive themselves of an occasional chocolate fix, and if you’re counting calories, these Skinny Cow treats will hit the spot!

Dislosure: I received some Skinny Cow samples for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

2 comments on “Skinny Cow Chocolate Treats: 120 Calories Or Less?!?”

  1. So…you know I am always good for my opinion. I am sort of anti-diet food. Reason being, they are usually full of chemicals (I am also anti-fake sugars like aspartame). Not that I always practice what I preach but if I am going to have a treat, I have the real thing (like perhaps a Caramilk chocolate bar, or piece of chocolate cake), then I try to stick to reasonable healthy snacks. Today I have pomegranite and yogurt, plus some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. None with fake sugar (oops, actually I didn't purchase the yogurt so it probably has fake sugar in it, but normally it would not). I also try to not feed my kids these fake foods, but instead teach them about portion control (sodium- har har), and including protien in their snacks and meals to reduce hunger cravings.
    Sigh, its hard work being so perfect;0)

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