Thanks to Pinterest, I am so into printables these days. I jumped on the bandwagon around Easter, and have been loving them right through summer and fall.

I know lots of bloggers who keep one beautiful frame in a prominent position in their home, and then rotate the contents to coordinate with the season. I took a lazier and only slightly more expensive approach, and buy a new 8 x 10 Dollarama frame each time.

To go with my Christmas décor: this cute “Baby It’s Cold Outside” printable, of course courtesy of Pinterest:

Even if you’re not interested in something Christmas-y, you can find tons of neat ideas for every room of the home. I also have a cute one up in my laundry room:

And remember, you don’t have to join Pinterest to browse the great ideas. Just go to and search whatever you’re looking for (e.g. “nursery printable”). You can bookmark your finds the usual way; you just can’t save them to “Boards” like Pinterest members can. Happy printing!

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