Perhaps you’ve been along for the ride as I’ve shared Phase One and Phase Two of our backyard reno: the deck extension and addition, the above-ground-decked-to-look-in-ground pool, the hot tub, and all related details.

In the final (for now) instalment of this series, I bring you this year’s finishing touches for our huge venture.

You may remember the gazebo we put up above our seating area in July:

Yeah, well, it’s gone. In fact, within a matter of days the torrential winds and rains of the summer (yes, I’m being sarcastic) had done a number on the piece of junk  item. We returned home after being out one evening and one of the support beams was so bent that it appeared as if someone had actually been hanging off it (perhaps the babysitter needed a place to do chin-ups while we were gone?) and random pieces of metal were twisted, mangled, and practically detached.

What I can say is that I was extremely impressed when Home Depot agreed to refund our money (hey, we’d only had the product for a couple of weeks).

We decided that we didn’t want to keep assembling and replacing gazebos (especially considering the crazy weather we actually do get in the winter up on our hill), so back to the drawing board for my Dad and uncle, who came up with this amazing pergola (sheets of lattice provide the shade on top, and they designed ingenious tracks so the sheets can easily slide out for the winter and be returned in the spring).

And finally, what I think is one of the best features of the whole project, the pool house created by my brother’s carpenter friend:

At the moment, it is home to the big bin of patio cushions and all of the pool and hot tub chemicals. Until the windows are covered, we don’t actually expect anyone to “disrobe” in there, but starting next year it will be a very convenient changeroom, hopefully reducing the number of trips wet little feet take down the hardwood hallway.

Thinking ahead for next year:

  • Plants: we’ll want lots of pots, and perhaps planters hanging off the railing in various locations
  • Pool house: how to finish/decorate the interior, how to separate the storage from the changing area, what to use for window coverings
  • Stain: yikes, I don’t even want to think about how long it will take to stain all that wood….
  • Doors: I think I’d like to do the French doors to the house and the pool house door black
  • Light fixtures: replace the old white ones with new (black?) which point down, as one light is partially blocked by the pergola structure
  • Pray for the summer to be as pool-worthy as this one has been!

3 comments on “Our Backyard Reno (Pool and Deck) Phase Three”

  1. Looks fantastic, Kate! The pergola and pool house are beautiful as they are. I wouldn't stain anything! We stained our deck and used an unnamed premium product that was supposed to last 5 years – after 1 it was peeling and fading (and we did all the prep steps as per directions), and now it looks terrible! I feel like if we'd let it weather naturally it would've aged gracefully, but now unless we strip it all off, we're pretty much committed to the upkeep. Just my two cents!

    Have you seen all the great ideas for making your own (gorgeous and cheap!) concrete planters on Pinterest? Definitely a high end look without the matching price tag.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. AWESOME! Seriously = the whole reno turned out fabulous and that little pool house is so cute. You have me just itching to redo our deck now. No pool for us, but we need a new deck and your's is so inviting it's got me planning already.

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