You can help support the world’s most vulnerable children by purchasing one of Hallmark’s new UNICEF everyday greeting cards. A portion of every card will support UNICEF’s work ensuring child survival wherever children’s lives are at risk.

On the back of each card (there are 116 designs, for occasions ranging from birthdays to weddings to bon vogage) the impact of the purchase is described. I received a few samples, including a wedding card which can provide Vitamin A doses to boost 23 children’s immune systems and preserve their eyesight for an entire year, and a “Love” themed card which can provide three disposable syringes, ensuring children are safely vaccinated.

The cards I received ranged from $2.50 – $4.50 in price, which is pretty reasonable considering the huge reach the purchase can have. If you need to buy greeting cards anyway (hmm…isn’t one of your favourite bloggers celebrating her birthday today?), why not spend your money where it can make the most impact, and help to improve and sustain the lives of children around the world?

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