After all the Christmas decorations were cleared away, my house looked refreshingly minimalist. However, one cannot go without a centrepiece on one’s dining room table.

I decided to repurpose my glass trifle dish, but I needed something to put in it. At my mom’s recommendation I got a bag of, well, decorative balls and stuff (not what it said on the label) from Home Sense for $9.99, randomly dumped it in, and here are the results:

The one downfall, of course, is that I can’t serve trifle until I put out the Easter decorations, but I am confident that none of you come here for the cooking-related posts. I’m sure that now, with a post like this, I will be overwhelmed with requests to focus more on decorating. You just never know what you’ll find at This Mom Loves…

3 comments on “My New Dining Room Centrepiece”

  1. That looks beautiful, but it does make me giggle because I wanted balls like those to put in a this beautiful open metal dish from Ikea made of daisies and whenever hubby sees those balls he calls them "a bag o' crap" he just doesn't get decorating at all! Then it makes me second guess my initial thought – thanks for showing me they look GREAT! Husbands! Ha!

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