Two enthusiastic recommendations from my ten year old book-reviewer niece, “Anastasia”:

Scary School by Derek The Ghost (and Scott M. Fischer)

This is an amazing book. I mean, it’s hilarious! It’s monsters mixed with humans! There are several funny stories with creepy people to go with them, like Mr. Spider Eyes or Mr. Snakeskin! My favourite part is when it explains how the “writer” of the book died. I didn’t find any parts that weren’t interesting. This is one of my all-time favourite books!

Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories From The Animal Kingdom by Jennifer Holland

Unlikely Friendships is an adorable book. This book is about animals making friends with other animals. The pictures are cute and the stories made me smile. The pictures are for any age to look at. The book is for ages 10 and up to read. This would be a lovely thing to put up in your room, so if you’re sad you can look at the pictures. I would rate it a full-on five stars.

Thanks, Anastasia!

2 comments on “Anastasia’s Picks: Scary School and Unlikely Friendships”

  1. "Unlikely Friendships" is a perfect gift because Holland weaves into the enormously cute animal tales a scientific sensibility and a fascination with animal behavior that make it much more than one of those novelty books. It's also a really nicely designed text with fine images, compact yet substantial. Give it as a gift to an adult or a child and watch faces light up. Or I guess you can buy it for yourself and then quick look in the mirror. I love the book

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