The best of the best that I have to share today: Two great books and a treat to enjoy with them!

Reese Minis 

When I was contacted by the PR rep for this new product, I replied within minutes and told her “you had me at Reese”! These treats are delicious yet dangerous: the Reese Peanut Butter Cups that you know and love, but just slightly bigger than a dime with no wrappers to slow you down.  Not for dieters, but for those who are willing and able to indulge, these are guaranteed to please.
Baby-Led Weaning by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett

I was shocked to find out that “baby-led weaning” was a “thing”, since it’s pretty much what I did with Maggie, but called it laziness! It was time to start solids, but having gone through it once with Frannie, I already knew that I hated prepping the bland pablum and buying all the various baby food jars. The second time around it was more like: here are appropriately-sized pieces of what the rest of us are eating tonight. Have at it.
This book walks you through what Baby-Led Weaning actually is, and subtopics like how much food to offer, foods to avoid, and eating out (now you’re talking).. Many common questions are answered (e.g. won’t baby choke? aren’t we “supposed to” start with cereal?) There’s even a great section on containing (and living with) mess…an important factor for me!
If I ever had another baby, I would be following this one all the way.
This book, original and engaging, is a collection of essays which both celebrate and mourn the various kisses in the author’s life. From the one that never happened to the one that was forced upon her; the platonic, the familial and the romantic, each kiss is a piece of the puzzle that makes up Claudia Sternbach’s life. Literary yet an easy read at the same time, I agree with one reviewer that this one is “a book club’s dream date”, and another who says “you’ll find yourself recalling (the kisses) that changed your own life”. Definitely read it.

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  1. I'm so glad I heard of baby led weaning for my first. It is lazy but it's also awesome. Hopefully your post will get more parents thinking about it and foregoing the puree route.

    Thanks for the other book recommendation.

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