So, there are some cool perks to being a mommy blogger. A few weeks ago I got an invitation to an advance screening of Disney’s new animated feature “Tangled”…so we went wild and skipped Frannie’s swimming lesson one Saturday and headed to the cinema to check it out.

Eating popcorn and Smarties at 10 in the morning is a gift in itself, but we were actually all impressed by the movie (Disney’s 50th animated feature), too.
I loved that it wasn’t exactly a prince-saves-maiden plot, although there were some traditional moments. The story was similar to the Rapunzel you know (witch keeps Rapunzel in tower, climbs up and down her hair at will, etc.) but with some original twists. Hubby thought there were some too-violent-for-the Disney-crowd scenes (e.g. do we want kids to think that magic hair can heal a vicious stab wound?) but the characters were entertaining and there were many for-the-grownups laughs.

I didn’t even realize that Rapunzel’s beautiful voice was provided by Mandy Moore until checking my press kit afterwards. You know how you think ‘I know that voice!’ but you just can’t place it? That distracted me a bit, but I got over it. And now I’ve saved you that dilemma!

The 3D aspect is something new for the princess movies, but it does require the little ones to keep their glasses on!  And in terms of Disney royalty, I have to say that this Rapunzel rates behind Beauty and the Beast’s Belle and Hercules’ Meg as my favourite characters (Belle speaks French, Meg has attitude and they’re both brunette. You can see why I relate!), but she was extremely likable.

If you have little Disney lovers, you really have to go. It was two year old Maggie’s first post-stars-and-strollers movie and just to see her with the 3D glasses on and bag of popcorn in hand made it worth the hour’s drive to the theatre! (Plus – no potty accidents the whole morning!) Four year old Frannie was completely entranced the whole time, and already wants to go back to see it again…and since it’s now open nationwide, we just might go back! See you there!

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