Oh my gosh! I wasn’t expecting this! I would like to thank the Academy…er, I mean, Deanna from Money Saving Canadian Mom, for the Sunshine Award!

Kind of ironic to be posting about a “Sunshine Award” on a dreary mid-April day when we actually received SNOW, but I am appreciative nonetheless.

The rules of the award are that I am to pass it on to twelve other blogs, but I am actually going to limit my pay-it-forwardness today to three Canadian moms who inspired me as I began a few months ago. These are blogs with real, live, interactive people behind them, so you feel like as you get to know them, they also get to know you. And although I would love to be on a million worldwide must-read lists (I mean come on, who wouldn’t?) I truly am more interested in following blogs where I can leave comment 9, not comment 129. As an aside, I just read that only 5% of blog readers are commenters, the other 95% are lurkers — so for every 5 comments you see on a blog, there may be 95 or more people who read it and moved on!

So, back to my selections. The three places I recommend you visit are:

A Peek Inside The Fishbowl
A Busy Mommy
Crumbs in the Minivan (also one of Deanna’s choices, but I don’t think there’s a rule against that!)

Wow, it’s much easier to make an acceptance speech when you can mull it over for half an hour while watching a rerun of Grey’s Anatomy. (It was the one where Addison first defected to L.A., if you’re wondering. I never realized that a different actress played Naomi in the beginning…but I digress.)

Anyway, I hope as you read this, you have more real sunshine than we have today!

1 comment on “My First Award!”

  1. Wow, that is some sweet sunshine you have sent this way! Thanks so much for letting me be part of this shortlist of three! Wow! (as an aside, I also read Fishbowl and Busy Mommy and they are both fantastic)

    Thank you for making my day! And I concur – being part of more of a dialogue with other bloggers rather than being commenter number 250 is a really nice thing. Being part of a community.

    Hope the sun was shining there today!

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