Simple: get a Pandora bracelet for St Patrick’s Day!
I woke up in Toronto on the morning of March 17th to find a little package on the hotel nightstand. I had to put on my glasses to get a better look, and to my utmost pleasure I saw a little Pandora logo on the sticker. I had secretly (haha) been hoping for one of their bracelets (click for more info), but figured maybe Mother’s Day would be my next opportunity. Apparently my hints were strong enough that my sweet husband couldn’t even wait for a more gift-worthy occasion.

I received a beautiful sterling silver bracelet, and my very first bead, which my husband chose with the date in mind: a gorgeous sphere with emerald-coloured stones. He was assured by the saleswoman that it is not a soccer ball (he knew that’s what I would think…and I sort of did!) but even if it is mistaken for one, Frannie started playing soccer last year, so beginning my bracelet with an Irish Soccer Mom charm is not entirely inappropriate!
Yes, I know: I am spoiled, and I am indulging in a weak moment of materialism, but honestly, they are few and far between. Besides, doesn’t everyone get jewelry for St. Patrick’s Day?

3 comments on “How Do You Mix Greek Mythology With Irish Tradition?”

  1. Well, lucky you!! How nice of your hubby to be thinking of you – outside the traditional “Hallamark” holidays. I do have to say that I have never heard of these Pandora bracelet’s until I read about it on your blog and have found myself “google-ing” to see what they are all about. Some of the charms are very nice and very unique! Its nice to be spoiled once in awhile!

  2. Spoiled girl! Sounds like you have a great husband. Maybe he should blog as well and give other husbands tips.
    Can he cook and clean as well?

  3. He definitely cooks. When you have a wife who hates it and a strange tendency to want to eat at least three times a day, it's kind of hard to avoid the kitchen.

    As for cleaning, he respects my neat-freak personality (and has a bit of it in him as well, as you would know if you've ever worked with him). In case he's coming across as too perfect though (he's pretty close to it, but nobody's actually perfect) you should know that I can only recall one occasion when he actually picked up the toilet brush. But who am I kidding, I've been outsourcing that job lately myself!

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