Psychotherapist Kelly Bos is here with help for our COVID-19 stressors: working from home, physical distancing, parenting/schooling, health-related anxieties. and more. Also two book recommendations, and on the lighter side of things, how celebrities are handling the “learning at home concept” – HELLO! Canada magazine even asked me for my expert input!

Kelly Bos can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website; Talk Therapy Podcast is on Instagram.

Book recommendations:

The Forgotten Home Child by Genevieve Graham

Beartown by Fredrik Backman


Celebrity and Expert-Approved Tips on How Children Can Learn at Home While Self-Isolating (HELLO! Canada – I know I should be proud to be one of the experts but it would also have been fun to be one of the celebrities!)

How Celebrities are Handling Homeschooling (This Mom Loves)

Thanks to my amazing podcast editor Lukas Wojcicki!

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