New podcast alert!

I am admittedly a reading science nerd, and I also love podcast hosting…so I’ve brought those two things together for the new Reading Road Trip podcast from IDA Ontario!

Every episode of this show (which is for educators, but may also be of interest to parents and those working in related fields) features an interview with an amazing guest: authors, advocates, educators and researchers…we are covering a wide range in Season 1, all with the goal of bringing evidence-based reading instruction to ALL students.

Una Malcolm, IDA Ontario president and reading science doctoral student, is my coproducer and we have an incredible first season planned!

You can find Reading Road Trip wherever you listen to podcasts. Please follow, listen, rate, review and share – we appreciate all the support we can get when promoting our new show!

We would also love to hear your feedback – one of my favourite parts of this experience so far has been seeing what listeners’ takeaways are – it’s amazing how everyone gets something different from each guest expert!

You can find more information, including shownotes and reading guides for each episode, on the Reading Road Trip website.

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