As part of our summer staycation, the girls and I hit the road along with my Mom for a trip to Goodwood, Ontario – location of many exteriors (and at least one interior) from the hit TV show Schitt’s Creek. (Thanks to Netflix, there are now fans around the world.)

Located less than an hour from our home (and not far from Toronto), the little community (with a population just over 600) has become a bit of a tourist attraction after providing the backdrop for the six seasons of the popular comedy (Season 6 premieres in January and I just may have one of the cast lined up for a coinciding podcast interview!)

While many interior scenes were shot in a Toronto studio, and the motel which stood in for “The Rosebud Motel” is farther away, we managed to get photo ops in front of several well-known spots:

Cafe Tropical (a private building)


Rose Apothecary  (called Romni Wool)

The owner gave us lots of scoop on how they would actually empty out her store and turn it into David and Patrick’s shop for the duration of shooting. Her big wish: that she could sell Schitt’s Creek merchandise in the shop, since she has visitors come from as far as Australia to check the town out, and they’d love to leave with a piece of memorabilia!



The inside of Romni Wool now:



(The owner was asked if she wanted to keep the white tiled wall behind the counter after the show ended but she said no – it would be too hard to put holes in to hang things!)

Bob’s Garage



Town Hall



A local woman stopped us on the road in front of the Town Hall and was happy to fill us in on what it was like to be around for filming each year – and it sounds like the cast and crew were amazing. “They let us know in advance what would be happening every day…and when they left, they didn’t leave a crumb behind.” (She also got to meet several of the actors, and had nothing but good things to say about them.)

The Schitt House

(The girls don’t watch the show yet, but Eva got a giggle out of this one!)



P.S. We had lunch at Annina’s Bake Shop – not an on-screen part of the show, but they did the catering for several seasons…and their food is delicious!

4 comments on “A Visit to “Schitt’s Creek” (Goodwood, Ontario)”

  1. I have just watched the final season of Schitt’s Creek and Goodwood is on my must-see list, once the Covid-19 Pandemic has run its course or at least abated enough to allow travel to Canada. The series was one of the most delightful entertainment experieences of my life. I envy those who have been able to immerse themselves in an iconic comedic environments.

  2. Hello Kate.
    Thanks for your goodwood info.
    I’d like to present my wife with our anniversary gift with having lunch at the cafe tropical. From your review, it is privately own.
    Is that right?
    If so, do you suggest that I just do a scene visit to the location?
    We live in pembroke Ontario about 2 hours north of ottawa.



    • Hi Luc! That’s correct, the Cafe Tropical building is not a real cafe that the public can visit. If you do want to get something to eat while checking out the area, we really liked Annina’s! Hope you have a great anniversary!

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