In case you haven’t noticed, the school year is quickly winding down! Last night on CHEX Daily, I chatted with hosts Teresa Kaszuba and Mike Judson about some things to keep in mind as your child’s school year draws to a close, such as:

  • the number one question to ask your child’s teacher before the year ends 
  • if you should be making requests for next year’s class/teacher
  • an idea for what you can do with all that artwork that comes home
  • the best way to thank the teacher (with a idea; my free printable can be found here)
  • some last-day-of-school traditions

I really went wild with my look for the last CHEX Daily appearance of the 2014/2015 school year, as I noted on Instagram (seen below):

By the way, here’s how my 9-year-old’s thank you letter turned out – please don’t tell her teacher!

So, enjoy these last few days! It’s barely a week until my last-day tradition, when I will read Thank You, Mr. Falker and cry in front of my class. Good times.

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