Every year I have my Grade 3 students write their predictions for their Grade 8 year. Who will the teacher and principal be? What activities will they participate in? Where will they go for their year-end trip? And of course, they think about all the grad details, including the super important question: what will they wear?

Today I went into the Grade 8 classroom and shared the predictions they had written five years ago, when they were my students. Four kids had moved away, and fortunately I had enough information to send their work to them, but the rest were present and eager to try to guess whose piece of writing was whose.

No game is complete without prizes, and thanks to Hallmark, I had some awesome Class of 2015 swag to give away to the students who were the best guessers! (Top score, by the way, was 12 out of 19).

Here are the goodies:

Autograph Graduation Bear 
($16.95 or $12.95 with any purchase; there’s also an Autograph Photo Poster)
Dated Mug with Designed Handle ($12.95)

Graduation Frame with Sentiment ($12.95, this is nice for parents of the grad)

Invites and Thank You Cards ($5.99/package)

As always, Hallmark has you covered for gift-giving! Congratulations to the class of 2015, which includes my beautiful and talented niece, off to high school, and two of my cousins (one who’s also my godson) and our treasured babysitter who are heading to university. I can’t believe how the time flies!

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