As you may or may not have noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve had a giveaway here on the blog. I get lots of offers of products to review, and a few of them I’ve jumped at and shared the results. But when it comes to running giveaways, I find that they take a fair bit of effort to set up and oversee, and I’m wondering if they’re worth it.

I know giveaways can draw lots of traffic, but I also know that many entrants sign up for e-mails they will delete without opening, Twitter follows that they will unfollow and Facebook likes that they will unlike or block, just to get entries. I’m not sure that that’s the sort of “traffic” I’m eager for.

I also don’t want to lure people in with the idea that there will be a prize every day, when really most days I just want to ramble. Isn’t that prize in itself? No, I guess not.

However, just as my favourite magazines do, I want to honour what my readers are coming here for, so please see below one simple question to which I seek your response:

(If you’re reading this in an e-mail, you’ll have to click on the title of this post to bring up the webpage and vote. But if you’re about to delete this message because it’s – yet again – not a giveaway, realize that you’re exactly who I need to hear from!)

7 comments on “To Give(away) or Not to Give(away)?”

  1. Maybe just make the giveaways something to do with opening your emails and reading your blog- instead of the follows which mean nothing if they are deleted. And don't put the giveaway in your title.

  2. Thanks, Tabitha! And Kristin, you make a good point. I think next time I run a giveaway, I will give the most number of "bonus entries" to people who actually leave a comment on the blog somewhere, or interact in some way, instead of a signup that will never really mean anything.

  3. While I found most of the blogs I subscribe to through a rafflecopter form, I find that I generally enjoy reading quite a few of them and not just for giveaways. I like the suggestion above not to use a form but to make it an interaction with your blog. That seems like it would be much easier on you and your readers as well. (I am soooo tired of rafflecopter!)

  4. Hi Kate,
    I too will read your blog regardless as I find it entertaining and informative (ok, maybe not the one about the Bachelorette…)

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