I am Olivia
Winn, and my mother created This Mom Loves. I can’t remember a time when she
was not a blogger- writing on the weekends, going on trips and taking
photos for others to see. And it definitely has pros.
First, free
stuff! People send things to mom, or let her go on trips and take us along, so
she will write about it. My sister and I love to sort through big boxes,
deciding who gets what… though in the end we don’t actually get to keep all of
it! (For some reason, mom thinks we already have enough stuff and she likes to donate it or share it at school. Which we actually do understand.) I especially love the Hallmark ‘itty bittys’- I currently have fifteen!

I have also
had great experiences with my family because of the blog. For example, last summer we visited the Corus building. I was
shown where parts of my favorite TV shows are recorded, I went down a two-floor slide, I stood in front of a plant wall, and I still sleep with the Disney Channel blanket they gave me every night! Over the years we have been to cool places like Santa’s Village, Centreville, Casa Loma, Disney on Ice, Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons, a boat cruise, different hotels and movies and way more, all for This Mom Loves.
Mom gets to interview cool people…and when she was talking to Kortney Wilson from Masters of Flip on the phone my sister even got to say hi to her!
My mom always asks us before she shows pictures of us…and sometimes I say no, or that I want her to take a different shot! But it can be fun to be a model too and to show cool new things to the readers…who might get them for their kids!
There aren’t
really many cons to having a blogger mother, but I can think of one. After a
trip, she needs our opinions. What was our favorite part, what was our least
favorite, do you recommend it, and why? Seriously, is she the blogger, or am I?
But at least we get to share our point of view!

I am
thankful to be a blogger’s daughter, and as I have inherited her love for
writing, I think I will be a blogger someday, too.

4 comments on “When Your Mom Is a Blogger {by my 10 year old daughter}”

  1. We always knew that Olivia and Eva were very talented, and super polite and well behaved, at least in public, we had no ide Olivia took after her mother as a writer.

    Excellent job, Olivia! If you had not mentioned your age, no one would know you were only 10!

    And we thought the girls got their talent (musical) from their father. Guess Mom has passed on some great genes as well!

    Don & Sharon

  2. Wow, Olivia. You knocked this out of the park. I love how you added your own sense of humor to your post. I really enjoyed hearing your perspective of being a blogger's daughter; and one day when you have your own blog, I promise to follow you too!

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