At what age should I insist that my daughter remove this sign from her bedroom door (a thoughtful replacement to the “Girls only” sign that her father pretended to be offended by):

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  1. Our bedroom doors all have labels now (Evelyn was decorating with stickers): who sleeps where. Simon and Clark's door says "Clark + Simon." Simon was quite concerned that there was a plus sign, because "brothers can't be in love like that." He was much more comfortable when we explained it simply meant 'and.'

  2. I had to chuckle at your question. That's a tough one as I really think it depends. If they grow up together and are friends only, when do we say it's not ok? is oK for us to do that, even? I think around 10 boys start to notice girls, but before then they don't see them as well, girls, lol.

    My son has twins in his class that he loves to play with. I think to myself – when can't he hang out with the girls in his room if they are still friends later. He's only 6, so I have time.

    Make sure to keep that sign – it will be a great one to share at her wedding!

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