I’ll just cut to the chase here and admit that I love The Bachelor. And Bachelorette. And if I had ever actually watched it, probably Bachelor Pad too.

Every time a new season begins, I watch the first episode “just for fun”. It’s cheesy and predictable, and I never seem to quite like any of the contestants, or the “prize”. However, they always end up growing on me as the show progresses, I become genuinely interested in seeing what happens. Will they forgo their individual rooms and stay as a couple in the fantasy suite? Will this, indeed, be the “most shocking rose ceremony ever”?

One of my favourite Bachelor/Bachelorette personalities has been Emily Maynard, who “won” Brad’s season, broke up with him, had her own season and chose Jef, which appears to be an on-again, off-again relationship (if you believe the tabloids, which of course I do because they’re always true. Almost. If you say Jennifer Aniston is pregnant every week for fourteen years, you’re bound to get it right at some point.) I don’t know what kind of mother or girlfriend Emily is, really, but she’s great on TV, and that’s really all I’m looking for from her. Which brings me to my next admission: that I follow her on Twitter. Which brings me to the point of this post: her hilarious Twitter exchanges from January 1st.

So, Emily tweeted:

An irate follower’s response, along with Emily’s reply to her:

And another:

Wow, people can be so quick to judge. At least Emily handled it with (what I thought) was a sense of humour, albeit so sarcastic that it may have gone undetected by her detractors. (Say that three times fast.) Seeing as one replied back “I guess what people say about you is true.” What, that she’s funny?

Anyway, the woman was a stay-at-home mom to now seven year old daughter Ricki, supported by the seemingly extremely wealthy parents of her late fiancé (he died in a plane crash the week before she found out she was pregnant at age 18) who rose to stardom on the Bachelor and Bachelorette and now has almost 400,000 Twitter followers, including This Mom. A recent website report states that she is now an event coordinator at a children’s hospital.

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