You guys! I just signed up for this cool new site I found called “Facebook”! You have to check it out!

Yes, it’s 2012.

And yes, I swore I wouldn’t do it…and I still sort of haven’t.

While “Kate Winn” is not (and has no plans to be) active on Facebook, This Mom Loves’ page is now up and running!

My reasons for holding out (being a teacher, the whole oxymoronic “private blogger” thing, my fear of frittering away even more hours in front of the computer) are still keeping me from being a personal Facebook user, which is why I have not responded to the friend requests I’ve received since first setting up an account. (You have to have a personal page in order to create a fan page. And I think I have explained that to most of those people, so they wouldn’t be offended. If I missed you, now you know it was nothing personal!)

However, it has become increasingly clear to me that in order to continue growing and fostering This Mom Loves, I must stop ignoring one of the most prevalent forms of social media. I love communicating with my readers, and I am learning that the majority of them go to Facebook first to communicate.

So…please pop on over and take a look. At the risk of slipping into a bad Sally Field misquote, I really hope you’ll like me!

Right here:

Links to my posts will be published there, as well as other news and tidbits that I think my readers would be interested in. As well, future giveaways here on the blog will offer a bonus entry for “liking” This Mom Loves’ Facebook page.

If any bloggers have tips for how to effectively partner Facebook pages with blogs, I would absolutely love to hear them. I’d also be interested in learning (from any Facebook users) what not to do as a “Fan Page” in order to maintain and grow a following (rather than spamming/annoying/scaring everybody away!) This is all new to me and feedback would be very much appreciated.

See you on Facebook!

2 comments on “This Mom Loves…Facebook?”

  1. As a "Facebookee" for many years, I have to say that teacher's aversions to Facebook always surprise me (sorry to generalize, but teachers are the only 'circle' of people who I hang out with who mostly don't 'do' Facebook.). I really enjoy being able to stay in touch with my cousins who live far away, friends from university who I want to stay connected with, but don't have time (prioritize time) to email of call. Closer to home, it's the "Catholic Women's League of the 2000's" as you get real time updates on births, deaths, car accidents and baby's first steps and fellow mom's teething woes from neighbours and community. And it only takes about 2 minutes a day – max. I was worried when my teen got Facebook a year ago. But, this Mom keeps a very close eye on and her daughter's account and it is one of the most positive, loving, reaffirming social networks I could ever want for my daughter. The only negative comment I have ever seen (posted on another teen's wall) was quickly reprimanded by the larger group of peers, removed from Facebook and reported to the classroom teacher (testimony to the school's message on cyber bullying). So welcome! You may find it useful to know that Farmer John finished sowing his corn at 7:45 am this morning but didn't get the manure turned in on the southwest field, so Jane can't hang out her laundry today 🙂

  2. I can't offer you any tips Kate. However, I can say to parents of young teenage girls…do please keep a close eye, like Helen, on your daughter's facebook account. As a grade 8 teacher, you would not believe how many times I have had to deal with cyber bullying, and involve the police with each situation. Some girls can be so mean, and my heart goes out to all the girls who are victims in each of these cases. If I had to choose, I would never want my child to have a facebook account. That is the exact piece of advice the police officer gives to my students. It is so easy to bully/ harass another student on-line. Many students do not realize that being part of this harassment will lead them directly to a criminal record!
    I know there are lots of positives in using Facebook. However, when it comes to teenagers, in particular, the "girls"…watch out!:)

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