You know how I’m all about experiences over things, and I love a good bus tour. When in New York, I did the Sex and the City Tour through On Location Tours and it was really fun to see a pile of locations that had been mentioned throughout the series, and even enjoy a Magnolia cupcake! (I had watched the seasons on DVDs rented from Blockbuster while I gave Olivia her night feedings, so we’re going back a while!)

With COVID, however, travel just isn’t happening – which has of course had a huge impact on the tourism industry. In response, On Location Tours has expanded their repertoire and is now offering a virtual tour and it’s a good one…the NYC locations from the hit show FRIENDS!

The girls are old enough now that they’ve both watched Friends on Netflix (just a heads up that it’s leaving at the end of the month) and I thought it would be really fun to experience the virtual tour together.

Some notes about the Friends Virtual Tour Package from On Location Tours:

  • It includes a box of Friends-related items which gets shipped to your home (including a Central Perk mug, coffee and other keepsakes)
  • You receive a web address and password to allow access to the tour, which is 40 minutes long and features 18 New York City locations from the show (we pulled it up on my phone and mirrored to the TV so we could watch together on the big screen)
  • The tour is filled with “fun facts” and trivia (we scored 100% of course) as well as a little karaoke break!
  • The cost is $65 USD (with an extra $20 shipping cost outside the US)

The tour guide is really energetic and knowledgeable, sharing all sorts of tidbits we didn’t already know about the casting and filming of the show, and the girls and I really enjoyed having an “experience” to look forward to and share together.

For more information: Friends Virtual Tour Package from On Location Tours

Disclosure: We were provided with the above experience for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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