This summer my daughter Eva has launched her own small business – Eva’s Scrunchie Co. – and not only has it been successful, but she has learned so much and is having a lot of fun. Here’s my Q & A with the young entrepreneur.

Hi Eva! Tell everyone a bit about yourself.

I’m 12 and going into Grade 7. I like to bake, DIY and of course make scrunchies!

How did you come up with the idea for Eva’s Scrunchie Co? 

I was bored in quarantine and trying to think of craft ideas. I love wearing scrunchies and I know a lot of other people right now do too so thought it would be perfect!

Did you have any other business experience before this? 

My sister and I ran a cold drinks stand when I was four or five but nothing else since then.

How did you start your business? 

I got donations of fabric from my grandma and my great aunt, and then I bought some supplies just hoping that I would at least make my money back! And I started making scrunchies at our kitchen island.

Other than the actual scrunchie-making, what else is involved in running the business? 

Messaging with people about their scrunchie orders and buying supplies from stores. I designed my logo and thank you notes. I also plan photo shoots and arrange scrunchies for pictures. And I have to update Instagram and Facebook posts when styles sell out.

What have been the most challenging things about running Eva’s Scrunchie Co. so far?

Some of the first fabrics I had were too stiff and didn’t work as well for scrunchies. I have learned to use softer fabrics to make the best scrunchies and my next summer collection is softer. I made some mistakes at the start and had to throw things out which was frustrating. Also I use a glue gun and I burn myself at least once for every scrunchie! It was also challenging to decide how much money to charge for the scrunchies. I wanted to earn some money but still give people a good deal! Oh and I had to figure out how much shipping would cost too.

What have been the most rewarding things about the business? 

I like making my own money and seeing people happy when they get their scrunchies. I love when people post about them! It was exciting when both of my first sets sold out in less than a day!

What are you doing with the money you’ve been making? 

I have to spend some to get more supplies but I also decided to redecorate my room and bought a new saucer chair, rug and throw blanket. I am saving some money and I also want to keep donating some, for example I did something called Kiva where you can loan money to someone in need.  I picked someone in Zambia because we also have a sponsored child from there, and the woman I picked is a mom who needed a loan to buy more stock for her maize business. 

What advice do you have for other kids who might want to start their own businesses? 

You can’t spend all the money you make on yourself because you will need to use some of it for supplies or to grow your business. And also get advice from other people on how to make your products even better. 

What’s next for Eva’s Scrunchie Co? 

I have a new summer collection coming out today with new soft fabrics and bright colours that are perfect to wear in summer. I will also be doing a fall themed set of scrunchies in a few weeks!

Where can people find your scrunchies?

Right now we post them on my mom’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Facebook is thismomloves and Instagram is katethismomloves.


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