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The folks at Global have always been so kind to me: inviting me behind-the-scenes of their shows, providing swag for our school Wigs For Kids donors, arranging interviews with their on-air talent, and even inviting me on TV myself (I’m a proud regular guest on @morningshowca with @carolynglobal and @jmacspeaks) and you just never know where connections will lead. . Last week I was asked to be on @globalnewsto to speak with @farahnasserglobal and offer some learn-at-home support for parents, which was seen by an employee at MPAC who suggested me as a guest for their company Virtual Learning Chats. My first corporate speaking gig! At my last glance more than 1200 employees had logged on to watch my extended chat yesterday with company president Nicole McNeill – it will be on YouTube next week and I’ll be sure to share it! I’m not one of those people who advises saying yes to everything (the only way I maintain my productivity – and sanity – even when we’re not in quarantine is by saying no a lot) but this yes led to another (scary) yes – and I’m glad I did both!

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The video is now available of my conversation with MPAC President Nicole McNeill – it was such a fantastic experience to do a corporate speaking engagement (which was way longer than my typical 5 minute TV segments), and hopefully we were able to offer some support and advice to parents struggling with the working from home/learning from home situation!


Thanks again to MPAC for inviting me to be part of this, and to your great team who were so welcoming and supportive!


Check out the video here:


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