In honour of my 10th blogiversary (yes, I hit “publish” on my very first blog post on this date in 2010) I thought it would be the perfect time to share some exciting news with you: my very first jewelry collaboration, with the fantastic brand Hidden Gems By Raquel.

Raquel Paulo (a fellow Canadian mom and small-businesswoman) and I have had so much fun designing a tightly edited collection of bracelets that we think This Mom Loves followers are going to, well, love!

Our collaboration, This Mom Loves by Hidden Gems By Raquel (or #TMLxHGBR) is going to launch on March 1st, so keep it in mind for all of those spring birthdays and anniversaries, and of course Mother’s Day! You’ll definitely be able to find the perfect gift for your own mom or grandma, and of course you’re going to want to ask for one of these handmade beauties for yourself! But wait, there’s more! There are even a couple of Mommy & Me options so you can twin with your little one(s) too!

While I love to accessorize, if you follow me already you know I don’t like a lot of random “stuff”; I much prefer it when the objects I own have meaning, so we worked carefully to make sure these pieces fit the bill. Plus, we’re keeping the price point as reasonable as we can.

Throughout February we will be sharing some clues about the names, styles and materials involved in our three carefully-designed pieces, and you may see them popping up on some familiar wrists in your social media feeds as well!

Raquel and I are both super excited about this partnership (I’ll tell the story of how we came together in the future) and I can’t wait to share more…and for the line to launch on March 1st! Stay tuned!

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