Yesterday was our 5th annual school donation day for Wigs For Kids and 8 generous girls answered the call, giving up 10″ of hair to be made into wigs for kids with medical hair loss.



My Olivia was back again for the second time and Eva made her third donation. The other girls ranged from three kindergarten students (wow, right?) all the way to a Grade 7 girl.



The event was filled with school spirit (the great music, with a song chosen by each girl helped to set the mood) and everything went off without a hitch!



A special thanks goes out to two sponsors for providing items for the girls’ goody bags:



Global News is always a wonderful supporter, and McDonald’s kindly provided gift cards again. A few more items were donated by staff members to round out the loot!



Congratulations to all of the girls who donated their hair this year. We are so proud of you!

P.S. I took my girls to our hairdresser for a bit of repair work following their big chops, and let them get some highlights as a reward for their generosity. Here’s the “after”!


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  1. Kate, you and your girls, in fact your entire family, contribute so much to the community and beyond.

    Well done, Olivia and Eva and all the other girls.

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