Yes, of course: full tummies and literate minds for all, as well as world peace. I swear, I would give away all of my possessions if you could promise me those things.

But just for fun, it’s nice to dream about some of the more materialistic items that would be a joy to find under my tree on Christmas morning! Such as…

A bright Kate Spade wallet:

Do I need to explain?

A Dyson hairdryer:

I “need” a new hairdryer, however at $500 this one is about 10 times more than I am hoping to pay. But oh my goodness, the features….

A trip to Ireland:

This dream may actually come true sooner than later, as my side of the family is tentatively planning a trip for the summer of 2019. I’m especially looking forward to visiting Waterford, where my ancestors came from, and picking up some crystal as a souvenir! (This Waterford crystal shamrock ornament would actually be a good interim gift while I wait for the travel plans to finalize – and not unreasonable at $45!)

Tickets to the Oscars red carpet bleachers:

No, this isn’t some random idea I came up with; regular people really can win tickets to sit in the bleachers and watch the celebrities walk the red carpet  – and in fact I entered myself…and my husband! (He better choose me as his guest if he wins!) They announce the winners January 5th, and I can say for certain that I will be letting you know if I hear anything!

There you have it, my dream Christmas list for 2017. Now come on, spill it: what’s on your dream Christmas list?

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