Before we get to it, I want to make sure something is very clear: gifts for teachers, at any time of year, are NEVER required or expected. Practices differ from area to area and school to school, and it’s always a parent decision. Because I’m a teacher, readers from all over the place often ask me for ideas, which is why I like to share posts and segments with suggestions, but it’s in no way ever meant to be pressure on anyone! You do you. Okay, I feel better now.

I was back for my second visit to Global’s The Morning Show in Toronto today, and had a chance to talk to host Carolyn MacKenzie about some holiday gift ideas for teachers. (Off-air Carolyn shared that she likes to wrap up some great baking for her kids’ teachers – another fantastic idea! I also have to give Carolyn credit for unknowingly inspiring me to cut my hair, but that’s wildly off topic.)

Here’s the video of the segment:


I also want to give a shout-out to Le Chateau for once again getting me TV-ready. It was fun to survey my Facebook and Instagram peeps to see which dress they thought I should go with…and this was the final choice! (Shoes and earrings also from Le Chateau.)



Now, because I have parents of former and current students kindly following me, I want to give everyone a bit of a background on how a segment like this comes together. I was working primarily with Walmart to find great teacher gifts that they have in store and online, and then I incorporated a couple of other companies that I really love and wanted to promote (Personalize It By Cynthia and Foxy Originals). I couldn’t possibly cover all of the lovely things I have received and appreciated over the years…and hand on the bible I swear that I meant what I said right off the top of the segment: the personal messages really do mean more than “stuff”. Already this year I’ve received a couple of emails that made me cry – in a good way – and will be saved forever. If your child is old enough (like mine are now), put them to work telling their teacher why they appreciate them!

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  1. Kate, you looked great! I have to agree that the hand-written messages are so meaningful! I’ve been retired for for two Christmases and although I tried to purge most of my teaching things, I still hang on to those letters and cards that contain true feelings! They mean so much, I’ll probably keep them forever!

    • It’s so true, Mary Jane! Don’t get me wrong, there are many gifts of other kinds that I treasure as well, but sometimes I forget who gave them to me or when. Those cards and notes, whether it’s from parents when the kids are really little, or the kids themselves as they get older, that are real keepsakes!

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