If pressed, I would have to say my favourite thing about Netflix is the convenience. (Or maybe The Crown. So hard to decide!)

I’ve always been a TV and movie lover, and while I swear my daughters have very full, rich lives, they have also taken after their mother in this regard.

The problem always used to be that when we had time to watch, we had to settle for what was currently playing on the television. Once I got a PVR that was better, but I could only watch it on one TV and the system really didn’t lend itself to the fun of binge-watching…unless you had the patience to record episodes over several weeks and wait to watch them all at the same time! (Have I told you how I believe I invented binge-watching? It was 1995 and I started recording all Friends episodes on the VCR, and then editing out the commercials for a continuous watch. I thought I was pretty innovative at the time!)

Netflix has made watching so much more convenient – we don’t spend more time watching, just better time…plus with laptops and iPads we can also watch wherever we want. (P.S. I dropped everything but the major networks from our satellite plan and we are saving a ton of money too.)

No one watches on school mornings, but on weekends the girls have approved series that they can enjoy at the crack of dawn (by which I mean 7 a.m., which is the time they are allowed to get up) – including Fuller House, Monster High and Project MC2. (They usually squeeze in bed with each other or watch at the kitchen counter.)

In the evenings, I can often be found in various rooms of the house doing my favourite thing (multitasking), watching Friends while getting chores done (I parted with the VHS cassettes a few years ago), and to wind down before bed Olivia and Eva go back to their favourite series.

When my husband is at a work event in the evenings, the girls and I love to cuddle together in bed and watch a family movie. Last time it was Tomorrowland, which we really enjoyed. When hubby is home, he and I will watch a show or movie in bed as well (Netflix has helped me easily win our years-long “no-TV-in-the-bedroom” disagreement. I mean, the laptop isn’t permanently in the bedroom!) I really enjoyed Suits, though hubby lost interest after a while, but together we have devoured The Crown, House of Cards and Homeland…and there are new seasons of the last two of those incredible shows now on Netflix, so that’s what we’re binge-watching these days. The writing on House of Cards is unbelievably good.

Having trouble agreeing on what to watch? You can download this cute Netflix spinner, fill in the options, and take your chances. (As a teacher I am also seeing this as a probability lesson…)

If you have any questions about Netflix please feel free to ask!

Disclosure: I am provided with perks as part of the Netflix Stream Team. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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