The smash hit original series Home To Win is back for a second season on HGTV Canada, and Canadians have a chance to win the fully furnished and masterfully designed (you know, by Sarah Richardson, Scott McGillivray, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, Mike Holmes Sr. and Jr., I could keep going…) waterfront home being showcased this season!

Sangita Patel has returned as host (for more on Sangita you can find my previous interview with her here), and I had the chance to shoot some questions her way about the new season, and how you can win this incredible home! (No, really – but you have to hurry, applications close May 28th!)

What is your favourite room in this year’s Home To Win house, and why?

Well, this year I wanted to be somewhat surprised, so there were a few rooms I didn’t check out, like the basement. But of the rooms I have seen, the kitchen is surreal. That view into that backyard! It’s fresh clean and so me! The layout is so perfect!

As host, did you get to know any of the guest contributors well?

The truth is I made some incredible friends. I am so blessed to meet so many of them. From Mia, Mike Holmes Jr, Bryan and Sarah, to Scott, Danielle, Tiffany, and Jo; plus Sebastian who now does #FitnessTuesday – so many! I had a party again for the premiere of the show and there was a lot of love!

Many people don’t realize that a viewer can actually win the Home To Win house! Can you explain how people can enter? 

Go to register with your email and you will get an email back on how to submit a tape to answer the question ‘Why do you deserve to compete to win the Home to Win?’ And from there, three lucky Canadians will be chosen to compete to win the house.

Switching to one of your other roles – on-air personality for ET Canada: I know a lot of people think traveling and interviewing celebrities is really glamorous, but for those who don’t know, could you explain what a junket is really like?

I LOVE my job at ET Canada. Why? I get to chat with people. I always tell myself to talk to someone new and you will learn something new.

When it comes to junkets you walk into a room and chat with the star/director of a film and you have only four minutes to make that connection – it’s not easy! Before any interview I spend A LOT of time learning about them, having that attitude we are best friends. You never know where a conversation may go. Sure you have questions ready but with research you can follow up on answers they give! 

I’ve noticed many TV personalities taking on side gigs and establishing themselves outside of their shows, for example your great new site This is Sangita Patel. Do you think it’s a sign of the instability of the media that people are finding they need to diversify, or just that people in entertainment like to try new things?

I can’t speak for others but for me I get excited trying new things, looking for new adventures. For example some of the careers and industries I’ve been in include engineer, weather specialist, lifestyle, radio, entertainment and now hosting a show on HGTV Canada!

One thing I love is getting out there, meeting and chatting with people. Being in the present.


Thanks for the chat, Sangita! Now what are you waiting for, dear reader? Head over to and enter to win yourself a waterfront home – applications close May 28th!

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