So, if you’ve ever missed an episode of Teacher, Teacher on CHEX Daily, now’s your chance to catch up!

CHEX Daily no longer puts their videos on YouTube, so fortunately I had already downloaded the episodes I appeared in, and I have cut the clips and uploaded them to my own channel.

The list includes:

*Inspire Budding Writers
*Using Children’s Books to Teach Social Justice/World Issues
*Non-academic Ways to Get Ready For Back-To-School
*Tips For Home/School Communication
*Make Math Fun
*How To Handle School Concerns
*The Importance of Attendance
*Help Your Kids Get Organized

….and a whole lot more!

It’s also interesting to look at the thumbnails all in a row to see how my hair has grown since the start (which was just weeks after “Hair Donation Day”), how very little I change my hairstyle (hey, there was one ponytail!), and which outfits I may have repeated a couple of times. I will acknowledge that perhaps this may be slightly more interesting to me than it is to you, but still.

I have always hoped that these segments are helpful to parents in some way, so please feel free to watch anything that interests you, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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