I’ve never been one of those bloggers to post about my absences. There are some who will write, “Sorry I didn’t post yesterday!” but I don’t assume that my readers – wonderful and supportive as they are – miss me that much over a short period of time.

Others post “I can’t believe it’s been six months! I’m totally going to make an effort to blog more often!”…and repeat six months later. Perhaps better not to draw attention to those absences?

It hasn’t been *that* long for me, but I feel like This Mom Loves has certainly been quieter than usual, just because of the busy-ness of work life. In that time period, I have come up with a new mantra (I have decided that Catholics are allowed to have mantras when they are really more like prayers):

“Lord, thank you for my full, rich life.”

Yes, I have been distracted by day and awake by night thinking of everything that’s going on, but when you see the list, you’ll realize how blessed I am:

What an honour that I get to prepare a class of young students to receive the sacrament of First Communion – including my beautiful daughter – and that we have family members who want to celebrate that occasion with her at our home that day.

How lucky that I have the opportunity to coordinate Wigs For Kids at our school, and that there are seven children and two adults making the generous donation of their hair next week – again, including my seven-year-old. (Been there, done that – this year I’m only giving up my time!)

What a gift to be entrusted with a challenging new teaching assignment next year to prepare for…if you haven’t heard, I’m going to be teaching kindergarten! Of course my brain is going crazy soaking up information and thinking ahead.

I am so fortunate to be able to prepare Grade 3 students for EQAO (our provincial standardized testing)…okay, maybe I’m stretching it there.

When these pieces, mixed in with the normal responsibilities that go with parenting, friendship, home ownership and a side writing career, conspire to overwhelm me, I stop and repeat my mantra as many times as necessary to calm my mind:

“Lord, thank you for my full, rich life.”

P.S. My full, rich life also includes readers who take the time to read my posts and support me in so many ways. Thank you!

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  1. What a lovely inspiring blog to start my day! I count you as one of my blessings in my 'rich' crazy little life.

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