Sure, some may see Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday, and no, I don’t need a special date on the calendar to show my sweetheart how I feel about him…but it’s still fun to get festive when a holiday arrives – especially as a parent and teacher of young kids!

Here are a few little touches that get me into the spirit…keep reading to find out how you can win one of them!

Hang a Wreath

I keep a hook on the mudroom door year-round and switch it up with a wreath for every occasion!

Embrace Pinterest

Of course the final results might not (or if you’re anything like me, will not) look like the Pinterest-perfect photos you see online, but it can be fun to try! Here you see the a couple of my Valentine’s Day-themed Pinterest attempts: XO frames and candy-hearts frame.

Throw a Cushion

This “Happy Pillow” (Hallmark, $34.95) has embroidered and applique front detail and pom-pom attachments and reads, “Let’s get happy up in here”.

[Giveaway has ended. Plus, guess what? I’m giving away one of these adorable pillows in a flash contest on social media right now (Canada only)! All you have to do to enter is retweet my tweet about the cushion on Twitter, like/comment on my post on Facebook, or like/comment on my Instagram post. You have 5 possible entries, and giveaway ends Thursday, February 4th at midnight Eastern. (I told you, it’s a flash contest!)]

Bring it Into the Kitchen 

A few festive details make working in the kitchen even more enjoyable! (Ha ha – just kidding!) Plus, this time of year it’s convenient that red is already my kitchen accent colour.

Give a Sick Kids Get Better Gift

What better way to warm someone’s heart than to purchase a special if in their name? Ideas, at a range of prices, include a Memory Box, Valentine’s Day Craft Supplies or Pet Therapy for a young patient, or a Heart Saturation Monitor – how appropriate! Check out Sick Kids’ Valentine’s Day Gifts page for more information.

Highlight some Blasts from the Past

As I do for most holidays, I pull out framed pics of my girls (here on their first Valentine’s Days) to make a nice greeting at the front door.

Bring Out the Kids’ Books

I keep holiday-themed books in the appropriate bins to pull out when the season arrives, and they’re like brand-new stories to the girls every year.

Cuddle Up

The Count on Me Bear Techno Plush with Sound ($17.95 with purchase of 3 Hallmark cards, regularly $32.95) was a hit when it arrived at our house…the girls argued over who got to keep this sweet item! Press the button to hear a version of “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars (there’s also a coordinating book, sold separately).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Disclosure: I was provided with the above-named two Hallmark items for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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