Yesterday a dream came true.

I was invited to be a guest on CTV’s The Social (kicking off Season 3 this past week), to chat about ways parents can help their kids succeed in school.

It was an amazing experience, from start to finish. While I won’t give away the inner workings of the show, they are very thoroughly planned, and I was highly impressed by the segment producer (Meghan) and the guest coordinator (Jen) who helped me through the entire process (which started months ago).

The video is below:

If you’re wondering what the hosts are *really* like, I can tell you that they were all extremely kind and encouraging of me during my visit. Though my segment was just with Mel and Traci, as soon as I got backstage Cynthia and Jess were sweet and complimentary, and Cynthia went out of her way to send out a supportive tweet. (Lainey was away on assignment, in case you’re wondering why I’m not mentioning her!)

I thought it would be fun to follow The Social’s “What We Wore” idea, and share a little “What I Wore” info with you (since of course a LOT of thought went into it):

Credit for my great hairstyle goes to my sister-in-law Rose. You know someone cares about you when they spend hours practising on your hair – and wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it! Thanks for the awesome look, Rose!

Makeup was done for me at the show by Natalie, the very accommodating makeup artist. I appreciated how she asked me if I had any requests (dark eyeliner – and lots of it) while adding her own creativity to the look. She even took the time to show me how to properly apply my false lashes!

The dress is from Cleo ($30) and the shoes from Stepss ($20) – and yes, I am a bargain hunter!

After the show I had the chance to get a photo with the day’s hosts, and then brought in my “fan club” – six friends who generously arranged their end-of-summer schedules so they could be in the audience to see me. The hosts warmly welcomed them too – and they do meet and greets and photos with all audience members after each show.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the support I received from family, friends (including a gorgeous floral arrangement – Heather!), colleagues and strangers on social media. I truly appreciated every email, text, tweet and gesture of social media love. As I tweeted out last night, “People who say women don’t support other women clearly don’t know my women.” Thanks so much everyone! (Now off to say a little prayer that they’ll want me back again!)

Update: I have been asked to return!

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