This month’s edition of Kate’s Favourite Things is significantly shorter than last month – I spent July focusing on rest and relaxation, but I never get too far into August before I’m thinking about school again!

Here are my top picks for the month (please note: I’d love to hear your thoughts if you follow any of my recommendations – I’m always thrilled to know that people are reading them!)


Come Away With Me by Karma Brown

About the book (from the publisher):

An unexpected journey leads one woman to discover that life after loss is possible, if only you can find the courage to let go… 

One minute, Tegan Lawson has everything she could hope for: an adoring husband, Gabe, and a baby on the way. The next, a patch of black ice causes a devastating accident that will change her life in ways she never could have imagined. 

Tegan is consumed by grief—not to mention her anger toward Gabe, who was driving on the night of the crash. But just when she thinks she’s hit rock bottom, Gabe reminds her of their Jar of Spontaneity, a collection of their dream destinations and experiences, and so begins an adventure of a lifetime. 

From the bustling markets of Thailand to the flavors of Italy to the ocean waves in Hawaii, Tegan and Gabe embark on a journey to escape the tragedy and search for forgiveness. But they soon learn that grief follows you no matter how far away you run, and that acceptance comes when you least expect it. Heartbreaking, hopeful and utterly transporting, Come Away with Me is an unforgettable debut and a luminous celebration of the strength of the human spirit.

I’m excited to say that this is a debut novel from one of my Twitter friends (follow her @writerkarma) and I loved it! (Book # 2 is coming next summer.)

Ana of California  by Andi Teran

This one is a reimagining of Anne of Green Gables – orphan moves to the farm and lives with a sister and brother – but with many differences, not only because of the geographical setting but to bring it into 2015.

Royal Wedding: A Princess Diaries Novel by Meg Cabot

My mom signed this out of the library for me, and it sat for a while, as I figured it would be a bit too juvenile for my liking…but I really enjoyed it. I have discovered that I am now old enough that a character can be 10 years younger than me, yet still be a grown woman to whom I can relate. Well, as much as one can relate to a princess of a fictional country! It’s fun, funny and sexy, with a few surprises.

A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan

Written by the books editor at Glamour magazine, this one is a fresh twist on the busy-employed-sandwich-generation-mom theme – though I’m still waiting for the book where a dad questions his workaholism and impact on the children.

The story really drew me in, especially since it’s a book that talks a lot about books!


Speaking of Glamour magazine, here are a couple of quotes I loved from Mindy Kaling’s interview in the September issue:

“Working parents have eclipsed Russian operatives as our most popular movie villains.”

“People get scared when you try to do something, especially when it looks like you’re succeeding. People do not get scared when you’re failing. It calms them…But when you’re winning, it makes them feel like they’re losing or that maybe they should’ve tried to do something too, but now it’s too late. And since they didn’t, they want to stop you. You can’t let them.”


Southpaw – I love Rachel McAdams, and this movie gave me lots of feelings. I will be shocked if Jake Gyllenhaal is not nominated for an Oscar.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – I knew nothing about the series, but the movie was a nice, witty action flick. I’ll definitely go see the sequel…which was set up perfectly at the end of this one.

Ricki and the Flash – My mom and I had a date to see this (we were celebrating the fact that she did not leave our family to pursue a rock star career) and we both enjoyed it and had lots of tears, though I could have done with fewer musical performances. I’m more a move-the-plot-along kind of gal.


I’d been admiring some of the “front and back” style earrings I’d seen on the ladies of The Social, and was keeping my eye out for some budget-friendly options. I found these ones at Claire’s for $8.50, and for only $5 I got a different silver pair as well. I love a good bargain!


In my younger years, I made 13 blood donations, but since moving to our new home, much farther from a regular clinic, I hadn’t gone once! I made an appointment and was in and out in about an hour and a half, and I’m already booked to return after the minimum number of wait days. You know what they say – it’s in you to give!

Have a wonderful September, everyone!

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