When I told the girls they could each choose a dress from Limeapple, they were like kids in a candy store checking out the website. There was a lot of discussion (my older daughter made it quite clear that her sister could not choose the same dress she had chosen) but finally they made their picks.

Shipping was pretty quick, about a week (with a holiday thrown in there). When the package arrived, I laid the dresses out on their beds for them to find when they arrived home that day, and they squealed with delight! (Especially Frannie. I have a little fashionista on my hands with her.)

We waited a couple of days for the right occasion, and then got all dressed up for a family afternoon spent in beautiful Bobcaygeon, Ontario – starting with an impromptu photo shoot at home!

As you can see, Limeapple is big on colour and colour-blocking, which looks so great on kids. (I’m trying to branch out, but there’s a LOT of black in my wardrobe!) The fabric is super-comfortable – no complaints about anything “feeling funny’.

Limeapple is described as “the premier lifestyle brand for young girls and preteens”. Their clothing comes in sizes 12 months to 14, and based on the response at my house, it certainly appeals right through 9 years old at least. Their lines include active wear (lots of dance pieces), swimwear, casual clothing and even fancier looks for special events. 

Limeapple wants to empower girls to lead positive lifestyles…which (as I mentioned last time I wrote about them) is certainly a philosophy I can get on board with!

The girls actually received a couple of compliments on their dresses that afternoon from strangers, as we had a wonderful lunch at Just For the Halibut and did some shopping on the main street of Bobcaygeon (the Visa was well-used at Bigley’s Shoes and Clothing).

I already had a chance to test out the washability of the clothing, as some of  the Kawartha Dairy Death by Chocolate ice cream happened to make its way onto both dresses. I did a quick pre-treatment spray just in case (I find, from extensive experience, that chocolate ice cream can be tricky to get out) and regular cold water wash worked very well.

Frannie also chose a sporty swimsuit from Limeapple (shown on a model below). I was impressed by the variety in swimwear, whether you’re looking for one or two pieces (including long-sleeved), athletic or frilly.

More good news? Shipping is free to Canada and US for purchases over $25.

I knew the Limeapple dresses were a hit when one of the girls gave me a big hug and said, “Mommy, thanks for starting a blog!”

Disclosure: We were provided with the above items for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, our own.

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