In my latest post for Oxford Learning, I’m sharing some easy tips for holiday brain boosting – no textbooks or worksheets required!

The list includes reading (with a link to popular family read-alouds), writing, math and questioning.

Just because I’m a teacher, that doesn’t mean my kids are overworked on holidays. I’m an admitted screen-lover myself, so the rules at my house aren’t very strict, but the girls are are allowed to watch TV when they wake up, and again before bed, with nothing in between. They do get some iPad/iPod time throughout the day, though when they’re using their devices for music I don’t think it “counts” the same.

They spend the rest of the time swimming or hanging out in the yard, playing with their toys, reading (one more enthusiastically than the other), working at their little cold drinks booth or practicing music (singing/playing instruments). I’m not big on overstructuring my their time (weekly soccer, a set of swimming lessons and one week of drama camp is enough for us) or “entertaining” them, as I think it’s good for kids to be independent and figure out what to do on their own when they’re bored, but we do a lot of errands and chores together, and I can always find time for stories and cuddles.

Plus, there’s one family trip planned for later this summer – I’ll definitely keep you posted about that!

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