A few months ago I had the chance to interview Canadian actress Sarah Allen, from the Global TV medical drama Remedy. When we chatted (for Parents Canada magazine), she was still weeks away from giving birth, and we talked all about maternity wear, pregnancy rules and her flexible birth plan. While some stars are hesitant to get personal, Sarah had no problem elaborating on her responses to all of my questions.

Sarah has since given birth to a baby girl. Daughter Rae was born at home on May 12, 2015 weighing 4 lbs 10 oz. After a few days in the hospital to “fatten up”, she returned home and began “eating like a machine”, according to her proud mama.

We’ve recently learned that Remedy will sadly not be returning for another season, so we’ll have to look forward to seeing Sarah elsewhere on the small (or big screen) in the future!

You can find highlights from the interview here on the Parents Canada website, and follow Sarah Allen on Twitter.

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