“Disclosure” : only one of these items (as noted below) was free, in case anyone’s wondering about bias before you start reading!

Next Issue

If somehow you’ve missed this, I am totally in love with the Next Issue app. I pay ten bucks a month for unlimited digital magazine subscriptions (I currently have 26, including 2 for my husband and 1 for the kids). New issues load automatically, and it seems like I’m never without something to read…which is awesome! I’m not really an iPad person, but I have totally embraced reading magazines this way. It’s so convenient, and of course it’s environmentally-friendly (though I’ll admit that’s not often as big a concern for me as it should be). I still have a handful of hard-copy subscriptions (I think I’m getting Today’s Parent until February 2017) which can still be handy for reading in the tub or anywhere else I don’t want to take my iPad (plus not every magazine is available through the app), but as they expire I’ll add them to Next Issue as well.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen

I’ve had the same bottle of sunscreen for my face for about three years, and just realized it has officially expired. I’m so picky when it comes to this sort of product, because I’ve always had oily skin and hate to put anything on it that makes it look greasy or shiny. I was in Walmart and walked by a display of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face and thought I’d give it a try – and so far so good (I bought SPF 60 because I am adamant about protecting my delicate facial skin. Vanity can be a great motivator!) The product absorbs so quickly that I feel like I have to move fast to work it in…and while my discerning eye can still tell something’s there, it’s definitely the most matte finish I’ve had in a sunscreen.

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

I have loved most of her books, and Jodi had me right until the end with this one…the story of a young girl hunting for her (runaway? dead? kidnapped?) mother. I was even pulled right into the elephant-sanctuary setting (I may not love pets, but African animals hold a certain appeal). The end, though, disappointed me a little bit. You can find spoilers elsewhere, and I won’t tell you what movie plot it reminds me of…but it’s been done, and I didn’t totally buy it. But otherwise I was engrossed!

Kids Who Help Kids 

I mean, first of all, there were the girls at my school who donated their hair, but I also received a great email from Alex, an 11-year-old Canadian entrepreneur. She created ‘Ivy and Alex’ a line of kids dresses, to support causes she cares about. Each dress is reversible with a pattern side and a solid side,  and the dresses can change as you grow. So girls can wear it as a tunic (with cool tights) or a shirt once she’s outgrown it as a dress.

World Vision helped her find four projects to support: if you buy a blue dress, World Vision will help provide clean water, the green dress will help provide nutritious food, the pink dress will help provide a chance to go to school or medicine (health stuff) and the red dress will support Canadian programs and help kids right here! Check out the Ivy and Alex website for more details.

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm

When my friend Sarah and I hit Lainey Gossip’s SMUT Soiree last year, we were given a little swag bag that included a Rimmel lip crayon (The Redder the Better). This was my go-to lipstick for months – creamy, long-lasting and a classic colour that went with almost everything…except pink. So I went out and bought Boom Chic a Boom. These two now stay in my little Kate Spade makeup bag inside my purse, and every other Tuesday when I arrive at the CHEX studio, I take a glance at my outfit and decide whether it’s a red day or a pink day. (My Canada AM appearance was definitely a pink day – and the makeup artist there hadn’t seen the Rimmel  before and was very impressed, as she usually bought something similar – and much more expensive – from a bigger brand name.) Next I’ll be picking up more of a “neutral” shade to add to my collection.


The details: $17 for a set of nail wraps, and I can get two full manicures out of each set. (Don’t want to do the math? $8.50 per manicure.) It takes me about 15 minutes to do, cutting the wraps, warming them under the hairdryer, applying them to my nails, trimming, and applying heat again. I get at least two (though I stretch it to three) weeks of wear, with tons of both trendy and classic styles to choose from. Tip: I prefer patterns to solids, because the tips tend to wear out a bit, which you don’t notice at all when the wraps are patterned. My dealer consultant Lindsey can hook you up!

That’s it for this month! I’d love to know what you think about any of my favourites!

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  1. Great question, Allison – I find by the time my three weeks are up (that's how long I try to get out of each set), I can slide a thumbnail around the edges of the wrap to loosen it up, and then peel them right off (sometimes scratching at the gummy excess left over to get the nail completely clear). I've never used any chemicals, and I've worn them at least half a dozen times now, if not more.

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