Yes, I’m a mean horrible mother who won’t allow her daughters to have pets.

Not real ones, anyway.

I thought perhaps I could make up for it in part when I had the opportunity to review Little Live Pets. My rule for the girls now is that if they want to receive products or services through the blog, they have to be willing to do the legwork and come up with the reviews. They happily agreed!

The day their items arrived, I picked them up from the post office before school (the woman who runs the post office was quite amused by the chirping coming from the box), and the girls eagerly met me in my classroom to tear into them. Can you tell they were a little bit excited?

After a couple of weeks, here’s their feedback.

“Frannie”, my nine-year old:

“I got the Tweet Talking owl and baby – Graceling Family ($26.99 at Toys r Us). I named the mom Elizabeth and the baby Violet and I like them because the mom can feed the baby, they sleep every half an hour and the baby sounds like it’s snoring and you can record the mommy owl’s voice. I just wished the owls came with a cage so I made my own out of a clementines crate!”

Here are the facts on Frannie’s new toy(s):

  • 55 Owl and Baby Bird calls, with many popular songs
  • Mother Owl feeds her baby
  • Mother Owl records your voice and says it back
  • Place the baby in your palm and it will HOOT happy songs

“Maggie”, my almost-seven-year old:

“I got the Bird with Cage – Singalong Sammy ($26.99 at Toys r Us). I like it because you can record your voice. It came with a cage. It’s OSUME!” (You know what she meant, right? Sometimes I find invented spelling too cute to correct.)

The facts on Maggie’s toy:

  • 30 New bird calls. All new songs. The more you pet, the more I SING
  • Display and take me with you
  • Includes: 1 Bird 1 Cage 1 Instruction booklet

The bottom line for me is: once they’re out of the packaging they’re small plastic toys, but they are pretty neat in the way they make noise and interact, and the price is very reasonable considering the hours of enjoyment they’ve already provided.

Maggie is reading over my shoulder and just said “tell them at the end that Maggie and Frannie really love them”. So I’ll wrap up there!

For more information, check out the Little Live Pets website (which includes product details, instruction manuals and helpful videos.

Disclosure: We were provided with the above toys for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, our own.

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