If there’s anything worse than the “What’s for dinner?” question it’s “What’s for breakfast?” It’s worse because it’s often asked in an angry, you-just-woke-me-up voice, because the response is usually followed with “I don’t want (insert reasonable breakfast food here)” and because, well, it’s asked in the morning.

In recent months, foods that I know my daughters both like were becoming the subject of great debate and bargaining: How many chocolate chips on the (toaster) waffles? Are they the (store bought) muffins that taste like banana?

Finally my husband, in his infinite wisdom (he rarely reads the blog, but just in case) suggested a schedule. Let them decide what they’re going to have each morning, and then there are no arguments. Sure, sounded like a good idea…but would it work?

I wrote down a list of school-morning foods (none involving stove or oven, I admit) and told them to slot them into the days of the week. Surprisingly, they got right to the task and had the chart filled out in no time! When they discovered some accidental alliteration at the beginning of the week, they even shifted items around to continue the pattern. And here it is:

Muffin Monday (usually homemade on the weekend. From a mix, but still!)
Toast Tuesday (which includes choice of toast, bagel or English muffin)
Waffle Wednesday
Cereal Thursday (choice of cold cereal or hot oatmeal)
Muffin Friday

I would like to say that of course each offering is paired with a fresh fruit plate, but I don’t lie to my readers. The girls do enjoy 100% apple juice with their breakfasts.

Weekends are time for bacon and eggs (though breakfast-for-dinner is also popular at our house), pancakes or whatever they want to order at a restaurant.

We’ve been using the schedule for a few weeks now and there have been very few complaints – and best of all, we have nicer waking-up moments when their first question doesn’t relate to the meal ahead and there’s less decision-making on my part.

Perhaps we are the only family to have felt this particular stress, but if applies to you, maybe a schedule will help!

2 comments on “Ease Morning Stress With a Breakfast Schedule”

  1. This is a terrific idea. In the fall I made a weekly schedule for lunches and dinners. It lasted…a week!
    My breakfast approach: they are self sufficient and have whatever they want. The older kids help their little brother. Sometimes while Mama is blow drying my hair I am required to come to the kitchen to butter toast "just right" as sometimes Mama is the only one who can do the job properly! And there are also days that my boys are so engrossed in their race track or lego that they start getting cranky and I have to make them stop and remind them to eat. Amazing what food does to hungry children, we're smiling again in no time.

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