We all know Canadian star Chantal Kreviazuk from hit songs like Surrounded, Before You and In This Life, as well as her covers of Feels Like Home and Leaving On a Jet Plane (part of the movie soundtracks of How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Armageddon, respectively).

She is also a musical force behind-the-scenes, and has written or co-written songs for huge names like Kelly Clarkson (Walk Away), Pitbull with Christina Aguilera (Feel This Moment), Gwen Stefani (Rich Girl), Drake (Over My Dead Body), as well as songs for Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Underwood.

In her personal life, Chantal has been married to fellow Canadian musician Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace (they met at a Pearl Jam concert in Toronto) since 1999 and they are the parents of three boys, Rowan (11), Lucca (9) and Salvador (6).

I was thrilled to have the chance to send a few questions Chantal’s way on behalf of This Mom Loves and SavvyMom.

Your new single I Will Be  in partnership with Kids Help Phone International – is so powerful, and I’ve heard you feel it’s your favourite song to date. Why is it so special to you?

I guess it just really feels authentic to who I am right now.

Is there a different process when you’re songwriting for other artists than when you’re writing for yourself?

It’s getting easier for me to not reserve a part of myself when writing for others. 

Has there ever been a song you wish you’d kept for yourself?

So far I am honoring that quest pretty well I would say. But it’s hard.

What will we see next from you, career-wise?

I never know…. I just keep moving forward and see what comes.

Can you describe your emotions when you learned you and Raine were being appointed to the Order of Canada? {The two received the appointments for their achievements as Canadian musicians and for their extensive charitable and humanitarian work with groups like War Child.}

I was very surprised and felt so honoured of course.

You’ve been married for 15 years. What tips can you share for making marriage work?

Just because we take vows and profess our love when marrying someone doesn’t mean it stops there. We have to constantly douse our spouse in love…we have to see and hear them and validate their process and their emotions. That is what makes a marriage work. It’s not about “you” getting what you need, it’s about giving your spouse what they need.

I was interested to read about your involvement in your sons’ L.A. school and why you chose it{Chantal told The Ottawa Citizen that “For the same price, my kids could go to school with the kids of actors and heads of mutual funds. But …we wanted them somewhere completely obscure where they could make their way that has nothing to do with Raine or myself. Our MO at the school is to raise critical thinkers, compassionate human beings and committed citizens.”} Plus, I was also pleased to hear your strong feelings towards teachers. Can you elaborate on that?

I am in awe of what teachers do. Plain and simple. I think that they should be ranked among our highest civil servants. Everyday they are our children’s models and are preparing them for the path. There is not a greater responsibility or challenge.

What do you feel are your strengths and areas for improvement as a mom?

Just because I may have not loved what my son just did, doesn’t mean I stop loving the boy….I have to be a little “all business” about parenting sometimes but that can be difficult because I am sensitive.

Chantal and Raine renewed their vows in 2009

How would you finish the sentence “This mom loves…” (apart from your family, of course)?

This mom loves Aromatherapy Associates serums, traditional Swedana treatment at Vida Spa VancouverOng Namo by Snatam Kaur (the most healing musical experience ever) and knitting in cashmere (e.g. The Purl BeeJennifer KnitsAmerico Original).

{Chantal really is a knitter – see photo of one of her projects below which she shared on her website!}


Thanks so much, Chantal! You can follow Chantal Kreviazuk on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, and find tons of information at ChantalKrevizuk.com 

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