My latest segment on CHEX Daily is all about ways to involve your kids in charity and social justice, and why it’s so important (plus I even found a way to make reference to an episode of Friends!)

Whether your child is interested in animals (volunteer at a shelter, walk a neighbour’s dog), the environment (start a recycling club, plant trees) or education (be a homework buddy or tutor), they’re sure to find a way to help others that works for them. If they want to fundraise for a cause, the sky’s the limit – there are tons of ideas out there for raising money for charity.

Something else to keep in mind is that Ontario students need 40 hours of volunteer efforts to graduate from high school (yes, some have noted the irony in “requiring” volunteer work, but I think it’s a great component for the diploma). It’s a good idea to get started early – they can even begin the summer before they enter secondary school – since as they get closer to graduation part-time jobs, teams and active social lives can make it harder for them to fit in the requirements.

For kids (and parents) who think from a practical perspective, this sort of involvement always looks good on job resumes and school applications too (even if you don’t live in Ontario and have to do it!)

The book I mentioned in the segment is this one, full of tons of ideas for making a difference, with and without spending money.

How To Be an Everyday Philanthropist by Nicole Bouchard Boles

If you’re looking for ideas for classroom/school, here are the highlights of what our Student Government took on throughout last school year.

Thanks as always to CHEX Daily for letting me share!

Oh, and if anyone is thinking of leaving feedback that I look better when I wear brighter colours on TV (i.e. not in this segment), don’t worry – I’ve already been told!

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