With Spring approaching, my mind has been racing with all sorts of decorating ideas. I’d really love to switch from carpet to hardwood in the three bedrooms, and of course we might as well freshen up the paint if we’re doing that. And if we’re painting, it just makes sense to change the bedding. And accessories.

I’d also like to revamp our main bath. There’s nothing wrong with it exactly (after 10 years), except looking a bit dated, but there are things one can do about that. I’d leave the toilet and one piece tub, but invest in a new vanity/sink, mirror, and lighting as well as details like shower curtain, towels, and mat. Hubby would like to switch from vinyl floor to ceramic tile, which I know would look gorgeous, but I worry about ceramic being so cold…

Anyway, I have absolutely nothing new to show you today (believe me, I’m as sorry about that as you are) but this did get me thinking about all of the decorating I’ve written about since starting the blog, and I thought I’d bring you some flashbacks:

Laundry Room Facelift  (This is the Before – you have to click to see the After!)

Bathroom Facelift (same deal)

Debbie showing off another reveal

Front Door Makeover (this is the before)

Red Paint: Not For The Faint of Heart: can you picture the room above Ruby Red? Check it out…

Okay, now I really have the itch to decorate. Maybe I should get moving on my Income Tax Return. Any surprise money should definitely be invested into a person’s home, right? And purchasing products and hiring tradespeople is good for the economy. It’s really the financially responsible thing to do. TurboTax, here I come…

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  1. It is great that you have so many ideas for your home! Usually in Spring, I'll feel motivated to change out a few things or freshen up – nothing drastic for this year's plans. Good luck on your upcoming renovation should you begin one.

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