Okay, I know pillows aren’t exactly the most original idea in the world, but I love this one because it’s unique.

Mom is into making pillows and transferring pictures onto them, and when I first saw one I oohed and ahhhed enough to prompt her to ask “Would you like me to make you one?” (If it had been Dad, I would have batted my eyes).

I love the retro-looking picture she used here, and I’m glad to have something new and different to add to my décor this year.

Here are mom’s instructions: “I found a free graphic online, and saved it in ‘My Pictures’. Then I printed it on TAPS (transfer paper…like tshirt transfer paper) and ironed it on the fabric. I used canvas painter’s dropcloths from Home Depot, washed and dried first. Then I make an envelope type pillow. (Instructions are all over the web for those).”
And here’s one of hers:
As much as I would have loved to pass these off as my own creations, loyal readers wouldn’t have believed me. Especially since my most loyal reader is the one who made them!

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