With many store credit/loyalty cards, you can earn points but they’re shrouded in red tape, with limitations on how to redeem or what you can redeem for (e.g. special catalogues). You quickly learn that the point value is minimal, especially considering the effort you have to take to get your rewards.

How is Sears different? As a loyal Sears Cardholder since 2000 (it even says so on my card!) I’ve been collecting points for a long time…but never think to spend them! (Sears Mastercard holders earn points too.) A recent Mom Central campaign gave me the opportunity to spend some bonus Sears Club points in order to share the process with you.

The first thing you need to know: you can use Sears points for ANYTHING! Whether you like the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience or you prefer to make purchases from the comfort of your own home, you earn points either way, and can spend them in store or online. If you’re feeling generous, they can even be donated to charity.

To test out the process, I immediately grabbed my Christmas shopping list and started searching the website. My first purchase was a watch for my daughter Frannie (the Timex Kids Time Teacher watch), a ‘teachable’ analog version with labelled hour and minute hands, etc. but a nice girly look.

All I had to to to use the points was click in a certain spot during the online checkout process. The only extra step is that Sears Card Holders still need to enter their Sears Card number, and their account will be charged, and then reimbursed after the points payment is processed. (Since you have to have a Sears Card to earn points, this shouldn’t be too inconvenient.)
When I order items online or over the phone, they are usually at my local Sears pickup location (which is much closer than my nearest Sears store) within three or four days, which is very convenient.
My next plan of action was to have the girls go through the iconic Sears Christmas Wish Book to complete their lists and give me some more ideas. As I waited for the catalogue to arrive, I pondered other possibilities. I could go in-store, visit a makeup counter for a free consultation, and pick up some new eye and lip colours. Perhaps I could put it towards some Christmas decor (as I typed that I remembered that we got rid of our old tree after the holidays last year, and we’ll be looking for a new one) or some winter clothes for ever-growing Frannie.
As I’ve already pointed out, Sears Points can be redeemed for virtually anything in Sears stores or online. Tools, shoes, housewares (I’m sure some people out there get excited at the idea of a new blender or grill), toys, furnishings, etc.
But a sale catalogue arrived in my mailbox before I could get to the store, and as I flipped through I saw a new comforter set that I absolutely fell in love with, the Madison Park Highgate 7 Piece Comforter Set. (They had me at “hotel sleek”.)

Madison Park 'Highgate' 7-pc. Comforter Set
By the time the Wish Book arrived my points were already spent…but I continue to add to the list for future purchases and points redemption!
I rarely use charge cards for any purchases, but I really need to start using my Sears Card more often (knowing I can pay it off in full when the bill arrives) just so I can accumulate the points. Really, why say no to getting something for nothing?
The only other caveat I can mention is that points do expire for regular Sears Cards (not Sears MasterCards) after two years, but keep in mind if you don’t want to use them on ‘stuff’, they can even be traded for Petro Points (if you don’t have to pay for gas I’m very jealous!)
Disclosure – I am participating in the Sears Club Points program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Re the Sears club points. When you ordered online, did you have to already have a rewards card in hand in order to use your points towards your purchase?
    It seems to me that the only way to redeem your points is to request a rewards card. The only way to directly redeem your points on a purchase is in store and not online.

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