Forget about tacking on the “Disclosure” at the end of this post: I’m going to be upfront and tell you that Nestlé sent me a box of their assorted snack size bars as an incentive to share the information below with you.

While I will work for chocolate (it it weren’t for my blogging ethics, a box of Nestlé would probably be enough to convince me to write about pretty much anything) when it comes to the safety of children, I require no bribery to spread the message. (Though I am slowly – okay, quickly – making my way through the delicious contents of the red box. Okay, fine, it’s all gone.)

Halloween is an exciting time for children to let their creativity run wild and live out their dreams of being (or at least looking like!) an astronaut, princess or superhero, for just one day.

It’s also a time for communities to connect and parents to indulge their kids – and themselves – with their favourite treats. After all, who can honestly say they haven’t dipped into a few bite-sized chocolate bars on or leading up to October 31st?

For years, the Nestlé Assorted red box filled with Kit Kat, Aero, Smarties and Coffee Crisp has been the go-to favourite for trick-or-treaters because it provides a delicious variety of everyone’s favourite brands. But did you know these leading snack size bars are made in a peanut-free factory too?

According to Anaphylaxis Canada, peanut allergy affects about two in 100 children and half of Canadians know someone with a serious food allergy ( It’s easy to make Halloween safer for everyone involved – including kids and their family and friends – by making the right choices.

This year, Nestlé is asking Canadians to Paint the Town Red by purchasing Nestlé’s Assorted snack size bars in the iconic red box, place the box in their window, and visit to make their pledge that they will provide peanut-free treats made in a peanut free facility this Halloween.

All individual pledges will be entered into a contest to win a supply of Nestlé Assorted snack size bars made in a peanut-free facility for their street for Halloween (up to 50 households).

“As a parent of a child with severe peanut allergies, a program like this really alleviates some of the fear I have every year as I comb through my kids’ treats they recieve from door to door trick-or-treating,” says Erica Ehm, founder of “If everyone gets involved and chooses a Nestlé Assorted snack size box this October, we can really make Halloween fun, delicious AND safer for all.”


So please – think of those children for whom peanuts are a life-and-death issue, and hand out peanut-free candy this Halloween.

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