I have evolved enough as a blogger that I now simply delete e-mails which expect me to share, for free, promotional information with all of my readers. Charities excepted, but not always.

However the cinema-lover in me just had to let you know about Cineplex’s new program called Family Favourites.

A different family movie will be offered exclusively at participating Cineplex theatres each Saturday morning at 11 a.m. (local time). Family Favourites will be offered at a discounted admission price of $2.50 for all ages. A portion of all ticket sales will be donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. (See, a charity is involved, which also softened my resolve).

Family Favourites

The movies are classics, not new releases (think Jumanji, Shrek, ET, Babe, Madagascar and The Neverending Story) but are still a great and economical way to get out of the house and enjoy an old favourite as a family.

More information, including participating locations and a listing of which movies will be shown each Saturday, can be found at the Family Favourites website.

1 comment on “Family Favourites From Cineplex: Go To The Movies For $2.50. Seriously.”

  1. Love the prices! Starlight also donates amazing kits to the ER for families when a child is admitted. They have things like crayons and colouring books, but also deodorant, mouth wash…very practical things. It is a great charity to support!

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