My mailbox has been overflowing with products lately (I know, it’s tough), and I’ve chosen three I want to share with you today:

Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Bottle

We filter our water at home, and every day I use the pitcher with filter from the fridge to fill up my water bottle. The new Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Bottle makes this even easier: there is a carbon-based filter attached to the inside of the bottle cap, so you can fill it up directly from any tap. The filter removes chlorine and other large sediment particles, leaving nothing but great-tasting water.

Filter Fresh Water Bottle
The dial on the replaceable filter helps track when it is time to get a new one (approx. every three months).

The 600 mL bottles are BPA free and dishwasher and freezer safe, and fit easily in automobile cup holders. They come in four colours: blue, purple, green and black (which I have – always a classic). Another handy feature: you can remove the filter portion in order to put ice cubes in the bottle, should you so desire.

At only $9.99, they are very reasonably priced, and a 2-pack of replacement filters costs the same. A small price to pay to keep plastic water bottles out of our landfills (in fact, each filter gives you the equivalent of 300 bottles of water!) Pick them up at Real Canadian Superstores and Loblaws.

PUMA Lifestyle Socks

It’s amazing how we are so brand-savvy. I received a package recently, and pulled out a paper bag from inside. As soon as I spotted the wildcat logo, my brain registered “PUMA”…and I couldn’t wait to see the contents.

I found a selection of their new lifestyle socks (for men and ladies, available at all major Canadian retailers, including Sears, The Bay, and select sports stores). The 3-pack ankle socks come in a variety of colour combinations for men and women. (As I type this, I’m wearing the bright pink…which totally clash with my red nails, but you won’t tell, right?)

The coolest thing, however, was at the bottom of the bag. At first glance, it was a simple, Lance-Armstrong-style plastic bracelet, with “Get Social!” and the PUMA logo. (I imagined it being an extremely popular item in my classroom treasure box!) However, upon further inspection, I realized that the bracelet snaps apart at the back, and is in fact a USB key! Is that neat or what? The above photo was found on the key for my convenience…and I’ll certainly find other uses for it, too.

Sof Sole Products

Sof Sole makes an extensive line of performance insoles for men and women to help reduce foot pain and increase comfort.

My favourite: Airr Women’s Performance Insole

My husband likes: Airr Arch Men’s Performance Insole (which has a 4/5 design, making is a good fit for not only sport but also dress and casual footwear).

I received so many samples in various sizes that I ended up sharing with staff at work (they’re so good to help me out!) and I have only heard positive feedback.

These Sof Sole products provide moisture-control technology and maximum air cushioning for high-impact activities…and although I’m more of a low-impact girl, I do notice a difference with these in my shoes. Sof Sole also makes the Airr Orthotic, Airr Arch and Airr Cup (a tailored gel heel device).

The products range in price from $12 to $30 a pair, and are available at select SportChek and Mark’s Work Wearhouse stores across Canada.

So…now I’m off to go for a run in my new PUMA socks, with my new Airr Insoles cushioning my steps and Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Bottle in hand. Or I might just go check my email for a while first; whatever.

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  1. | have never seen these water bottles but what an awesome idea! I will look for these the next time I am in Loblaws!
    Krista S.

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