Food Week here at This Mom Loves continues, and today I wanted to draw your attention to a new website which is a great resource for parents:

T-FAL Nutritious and Delicious Healthy Cooking For Healthy Kids

On the site (which is Canadian – yay!) you’ll find kid “meal makeovers”, recipes and tips, BMI calculators and healthy weight charts, proportion placemats, grocery lists and rewards charts (I just may print off a couple of these).

The scariest reminder for me on the site is this: “Be a Role Model: Ultimately children will do what you do, not what you say.” I am active and fit, I eat sensible portions from three of the food groups…but I pray to God that my daughters follow their father’s example when it comes to fruits and vegetables!

(And if you’re wondering what T-FAL has to do with it, they’re sponsoring the site, and have also come up with a new innovation called the Acti-Fry, which requires only one spoonful of oil to prepare favourites that are usually fried.)

The fact that 26% of Canadian kids are overweight or obese should be enough to spur us into action… but a point made on the site is so true: “Today’s hectic lifestyle means that many parents are low on time, and often resort to buying prepared or processed food that is often low in nutrients and high in fat.” Guilty. I’m hoping I can take at least a few tips from this new resource to up the nutrition value for my daughters…and myself.

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